Nobody knows these forex investment tips, but they will let you make money easily

Investing in the forex market is intimidating. You’ve got all these blips on the screen and countless pairs running up and down round-the-clock. Fortunately, it’s not something only Wall Street-bred analysts and bankers can take advantage of. Even a regular Joe like yourself can profit from the price changes of currency pairs that occur on a regular basis.

Stick With Carry Trades

While holding currencies do not yield dividends like stocks does, it does pay rollover rates. This is basically the interest rate difference between the two currencies you are trading. The rollover rates may be infinitesimal in amount, but can actually compound over time. Popular currency pairs that offer positive carry include New Zealand Kiwi versus United States Dollar and Great British Pound versus Japanese Yen.

Trade Less

More trades do not exactly equate to more profit. On the contrary, it only causes you to lose more money over time. Short-term plays are notorious for its volatility. You don’t want to be betting against the hourly volatility of the markets. This is impossible to predict with 100 percent accuracy even if you’re the best forex analyst.

Trade Candlesticks

Candlestick patterns are simple to use but serve as powerful signals. From the bearish engulfing to the morning star patterns, you can make money if you can effectively analyze what these candlestick patterns mean. While there is a bit of a learning curve involved, you can easily grasp the patterns by manually back-testing a forex price chart.

Fake Breakouts

Breakouts are one of the most popular market cycles. It involves price spiking up or down due to a shift in market sentiment or economic conditions. Either way, most breakouts are often fake and reverse to the opposite direction immediately after the breakout candlestick. You can capitalize on this by counter-trading, which means you buy if price breaks downward and sell if it breaks upward.

These four investment tips should arm the beginner trader with strategies that are simple to digest but consistently produce profits when wielded masterfully. In forex, it’s not about being the smartest or most advanced trader, but rather having a simple, stress-free approach you can consistently follow.

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